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In complex societies, such as ours in which we live, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in its optimal organization, moving from the cartesian system, based on cause-effect relationships, to the systemic, multicausal, global and aggregative, exchanging the role between causes and effects.

Logically, the concept of defense as a container and that of protection as content are immersed in these changes.

Defense is the basis of security, the first need of the living being. Every animal delays all its needs, until it reaches a sufficient degree of security to satisfy them. At a physiological level, we often talk about our "defenses, lymphocytes, immunoglobulins, antibodies ..., having a good “defensive system” is essential for life, so that it can fully develop. We spend energy and physiological efforts to maintain this system, which performs its function stealthily and without our knowledge.

On a sociological level, it should be remembered that in its beginning, sociology was called -social physiology- (Saint Simon), and Auguste Compte being the one who coined the term “sociology”. As such physiology, it will require its defenses to maintain society as an organized body, to guarantee its possibilities, both individual and collective.

The concept of defense is today systemic, multilateral and aggregative. What,s more, it is included in an upper frame that encompasses it. Protection, an attribute that is the basis of security. That is why protection, security and defense form a unit, which although structurally different, is functionally shared and merged.

The watertight compartments were finished in the last century. Specifically, the Army, Police, Public Health, Firefighters, Civil Protection and Volunteering enter into synergistic resonance, multiplying their effectiveness when they are integrated or coordinated towards a common goal. In emergency situations it is demonstrated.

We only lack citizenship, which in addition to paying taxes to maintain the system, has the right to participate in it, based on their vocation, training and capacity. ECOSED is of the opinion that the modern concept of defense is that of protection, which of course includes the classic defense, but also security in the areas of police, civil protection, firefighters, medical and health emergencies, and volunteers, assigned to existing organizations or to be established, depending on the development of this new model. In turn, the confluence of the defense institutions with others, which increase its effectiveness, is essential for the sake of results.

ECOSED considers that there are four professional fields that are part of the first level of protection, which are: Judiciary, Emergencies, Army and Police. The second level would be made up by the NGOs, and the third level by the citizens themselves, moved by empathy and solidarity.

ECOSED is in favor of these synergies, starting with a real update, in substance and form, of the communication of what it means, offers and demands a serious defense of a modern country, going through arbitrating spaces in which to share experiences, teachings and expectations with the entire population; especially with young people, civil volunteers and people who have left a productive life at an economic level but are highly productive at an experiential level, especially if they are encouraged by a vocation of service, a spirit of solidarity and a lifestyle contrary to idleness and mere entertainment.

ECOSED is a philosophy and a model, as well as an invitation to incorporate safety into life, considering protection as a result of successful efforts, through the synergistic confluence of Institutional, industrial, professional, commercial, technological, cultural training and volunteer fields.

We present below its dynamic structure and its functional axes.



Science and Technology Park for Security and Defense

Creation of a Science and Technology Park for Security and Defense from companies that meet the specific requirements to be able to settle in it. Various universities are willing to protect it.


Cluster of companies linked to Security and Defense

Design and dynamize a Cluster of companies linked to security and defense. This Cluster will be made up of companies that have their "core-business" in the security or defense sector.

The advantage offered to them is inherent to a themed space that brings together all the interests and needs that may arise in terms of security and defense. Logically, the new technologies will make it possible to have virtual and simulation spaces, as well as video-conferences and accessibility to virtual catalogs of products and services.



Design and implementation of an Outlet whose objective is the acquisition and retail and wholesale of products from military surpluses, except for weapons and initially focusing on clothing, accessories, equipment, etc., as well as vehicles of interest to the civil market, such as trucks, tractor units, tracks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles…


Security and Defense Campus

Creation of the IESDE Security and Defense Campus of ECOSED. This Campus aims to bring together teachings not currently taught, establish agreements with Universities, design security and defense chairs, and establish, if applicable, the relevant Agreements with the Administration.
The Campus will establish different links with leading universities, initially designing four levels of training:

Phase 1: Monographic courses on security and defense.

Phase 2: Demand and impart, if it is the case, the creation "ex novo" of a Professional training (FP1 and FP2) in Security and Defense. Security-Defense Technician.

Phase 3: Degree in Security and Defense.

Phase 4: Design and didactics of courses for University Extension, Postgraduate, Master's and Doctorates in Security and Defense


Professional rescue and emergencies

Design and development of a multifunctional space oriented to the theoretical-practical training that all professional rescue services demand, from a sanitary point of view in special environments: aquatic, underwater, aeronautical, mountain, confined places, etc.

The training is specific, through monographic, theoretical-practical courses, and tailor-made training will also be given, adapted to the workplace of each health or non-health professional. Agreement established with IEM (Center for Medical Studies) https://iem-emergencia.com/.


Sports federations

Generation of ad-hoc agreements with sports federations, directly or indirectly referred to the field of security and defense.

Through the Federations, both competitions and trainings and training courses will be promoted, both for initiation and optimization in their specific domain of competence.


Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Indoor and Outdoor activities, Teambuilding, Bootcamps, American Track, Gym, signposted, protocolized Jogging routes and Climbing Wall. These activities will be promoted as an end in themselves, or as means or instruments of group cohesion, or overcoming crises linked to human relations in the business environment, being able to organize actions both from the perspective of coaching and from the vision of actions of survival as experience and emotion.


Family space

Family space (Children's and youth parks, shared family leisure). The purpose of this orbital is to provide spaces for families with their children to share leisure and family catering. This orbital will also incorporate suitable children's spaces for training in road safety, as well as training in ecological criteria for children, youth and adults.


Catering and lodging

Restoration and lodging space as a complement to all the activities generated, which will include a restaurant with different levels of service, menus for athletes and families, a cafeteria, as well as parks with barbecues and a leisure area.

Regarding Accommodation, the existing facilities will be built or adapted (depending on the final location) to host an overnight space at different levels: professional, family, groups, athletes and individual.


Clinical psychology and trauma psychiatry

Clinical psychology and trauma psychiatry due to exposure to violence (situations of war, terrorism, crime, gender violence, kidnapping, mobbing….). There are three axes that make up this orbital:
Therapeutic: Aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of the traumatized person.
Rehabilitative: Aimed at inserting traumatized people into society, after treatment
a. At the beginning of the problem, that is, training and providing resources to all people who are exposed to psychological violence: military, police, private security and people at risk.
b. Strengthening of the personality, so that its threshold of fragility is raised.


Advertising and communication in Security and Defense

Advertising and strategic communication in security and defense. ECOSED will incorporate an Agency specialized in advertising and communication in security and defense, since in addition its Corporate Space brings together experts in sensible and strategic coomunication.


Project incubator

Creation of a project "incubator" service, as well as a business "incubator" of companies in security and defense. The project incubator will act as a platform that allows for the assumption of three sequenced objectives: contrast with experts, select priorities and favor projects in their development through agreements with the main Business Schools and University Faculties. The business incubator aims to accompany those projects already started in the previous section (project incubator) or contributed by external actors, and that once selected and verified by a team of experts, allows their installation in the Science Park, Cluster and / o ECOSED Campus.


Historical-military geography and archeology park

Creation of a Park of geography and historical-military archeology, focused on investigating, analyzing, registering and preserving the war and military remains of the past. The preparation of a catalog is foreseen with definition of location, itineraries by zones, areas and themes, structure, dimensions and function of each one of the constructions or objects.


Civil applications

ecurity and Defense: a reality in everyday life. This Orbital is based on the following axes:

• Museize interactively, taking advantage of new technologies, the concepts of security and defense throughout History.

• Promote information on security and defense for companies and individuals, investigating their needs and offering market solutions. Transfer to companies focused on civil security, the needs of citizens. (After objective investigation in this regard).

• Seek to bring security closer to citizens, mainly through training and preventive strategies.

• Generate the citizen security “portfolio”.

• Carry out prospective research on the needs and expectations of citizens, in relation to security and their defense.


ECOSED Junior Members

Today's society offers no appeal for young people. Thirty eight percent of them do not have a job occupation. University selectivity is not interested in vocation. This is a luxury for a privileged few ... Young people find themselves with a double code: theoretically they are the future of society, but the Administrations take responsibility for a system that neither considers them nor listens to them.
On the contrary, many young people, too many, are emancipated late, live on miserable wages (those who are "lucky" to have them), have received a globally questionable training (PISA report), the transmission of values is reduced.
Social tolerance towards uncivil behavior is extreme. This causes a serious problem of limits, responsibility and culture of effort.
Entertainment, or waste of time, virtual realities, the world of social networks, aesthetics as a vehicle of communication is transferred to the body, with tattoos and piercings that do not say anything because they are decontextualized ...
The so-called "urban art", focuses on rap music, graffiti and tags ... for all this, being young today is a challenge.
Concepts such as honor, service, self-satisfaction obtained when doing what is due, and not always what is wanted, dignity as the essence of the human being, respect with oneself and with others, with ecology and with the dictates of one's own conscience worked and, therefore, critical, formed and free, allowing to have criteria that go beyond mere opinions, are basic for ECOSED’s philosophy.
From the Codes of Chivalry, through Bushido, courteous love and the value of the word given, Western civilization emerged from the classical heritages of Greece and Rome, the first contributed by ethics and the second by law, among many others. Virtues and knowledge, without forgetting Christianity, whose heritage and tradition are remembered by all the bell towers of all the cities and towns of Europe.

Tradition and avant-garde must be combined with respect and recognition. Let us remember that the past was in its time future, and that the present is just an interval between the two.
We will leave the world to the youth, it will depend on them for a time until they hand it over to new generations…, but we will also give them values, based on which they will be cause or consequence, subject or object.
The optimal option is chosen by us, then they will be the ones who must always improve it, to evolve or disappear ..., in sociobiology as in law, ignorance of the law does not exempt from compliance, but with the difference that the first does not contemplate another alternative, that the execution of what it dictates.

From ECOSED we are receptive to those young people who wish to explore the founding values ​​of our vital heritage and which we subscribe.


ECOSED Senior Members

ECOSED focuses its philosophy of developing a Security and Defense Cluster in a synergistic and integrated way, where industries and professionals meet. We believe that protection, in its current interpretation, must combine and surpass the strict dividing terms between security, defense and emergencies.
Simultaneously, due to the split between vocation, training, profession and occupation, we can see that vocation is the least appreciated quality by our training system (University’s selectivity does not even consider it…). Many times, because of their value override, a person with a certain vocation must acquire, if they can and wish, a training that has nothing to do with it. Subsequently, the labor market, in its peculiar "selectivity for life", can obviate it due to the fact of supply and demand, being the profession, that is, the work activity expected from training, an attribute that cannot find its accommodation in reality, employment being then the "last economic ratio", either for subsistence or for social and economic improvement.
From the ideal and fruitful sequence of vocational motor training, this being the basis of the profession, projected socially and economically in the occupation, we find that the harsh reality is that of people who have not been able to fulfill themselves, being volunteer his only opportunity.
The values ​​slope of ECOSED aims to offer, to all those who share a vocation within the broad framework of protection, participating in a culture of civic service, a space where they can channel their vocational skills and attitudes.
ECOSED will work to build this great volunteer platform, in the broad protection sector, either in its own space, or channeling it to institutions and organizations, where the interests of volunteers and the values ​​of ECOSED converge.
Good professionals, but who have not channeled their vocation: retirees who are not “retired by anyone”, with experience, tenacity and will, wanting to share, and people who have discovered their true vocation at a stage in their life; all of them without distinction can and we would like them to be our "Senior members" ...

About Us

Ecosed is made up of a nucleus of professionals and entrepreneurs from a multidisciplinary field. We bring together a theoretical and practical vision oriented to the present, but with a defined prospective vocation.

Dr. Francesc Xavier Altarriba

Dra. Rosmarie Cammany

Agreements and institutional collaborators

IEM Instituto Estudios Médicos Atenea SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence & Defence)